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The Ultimate Mother's Day Gift—From One Mom To Another

800. Each. Day

Stumped as to what to get the special woman in your life this weekend? I'm referring to your mother, of course. Instead of the usual commercial frenzy, why not consider giving her a gift like no other? A site named Kangua has taken the crowdfunding phenomenon to new social good heights.

This Mother's Day you can chip in to donate as a collective to a mom in a developing country who likely lacks access to healthcare services needed for a safe birth. According to the press release, 800 women in developing countries die every day from pregnancy and childbirth-related complications. Tragic figure, considering 90 per cent of these deaths are avoidable given proper health care. A mom shouldn't have to give up her life in order to give life.

What better way to connect than to learn about what life is like for mothers in other countries. (Not least of which because you'll learn just how good you've got it at home.)

In the interview below, Kangu's CEO Casey Santiago discusses maternal mortality and the latest crowdfunding effort, which "deploys donations to vetted local hospital partners who offer life-saving care."

Listen to the interview (MP3)

So start dropping hints to your loved ones now, and you might get the best gift of all—receiving updates on the mom you've helped and possibly even saved.