If you're trying to break a bad habit this new device may be the answer you're looking for.
wanda clay
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breast enlargement surgery
Not satisfied with her size 34A breasts, a 23-year-old woman from the UK sought donations to get breast implants.
woman needing crowdfunding for eating disorder
A mom is fighting to keep her 23-year-old daughter, Ingrid, alive using crowdfunding to raise enough money to send her to an eating disorder program.
Jade Beall is changing the way we see beauty with her new book filled with a wonderful tapestry of women coming to terms with their motherly figures.
This Mother's Day you can chip in to donate to save one of the 800 mothers who die every day because they lack access to healthcare services.
Seeing these girls break the mold—and then stomp all over it with talent and panache—will have you head-banging and fist-pumping in your kitchen.