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BPA Exposure May Be Insufficient to Harm Humans

Too Low To Cause biological effects

You look for the "BPA-free" sign on all your baby's plastic bottles and dishes, but a new study questions whether bisphenol A (BPA) is as dangerous as previously maintained. In an article in Science Daily, researchers have analyzed 150 BPA exposure studies to see if the exposure is sufficient enough to mimic the effects of sex hormone estrogen in humans. 

The findings would suggest that the amount of BPA in the "bloodstream of the general population is many times lower than blood levels that consistently cause toxicity in animals." 

So researchers argue that contrary to what was previously posited, BPA exposure in babies isn't the equivalent of an estrogen dose from a birth control pill.

After studying the impact of BPA on 30,000 individuals, including women and infants, across 19 countries, researchers concluded that the human blood levels of BPA were "too far below levels required for significant binding to four of the five key estrogen receptors to cause biological effects." Apparently the concentration of BPA in the bloodstream is, in fact, low enough to pass a toxicologist's ability to detect it. 

Will the results of this study change your mind about BPA products?