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10 Inspiring Photographers To Follow On Instagram

Check out their can't-miss photography

I love Instagram. I love discovering random individuals from around the globe to see how their side of the world looks. I follow other parents, comforted by the fact that many of us have messy houses and look forward to wine o’clock. I use the explore feature and follow hashtags to find other photographers who share an affinity for the same things that I do. I love that we can follow professional photographers and see their art, their tips, and their pull-backs on a shoot. 

Given how much time I spend exploring Instagram, I thought I'd share some of my favourite Instagram accounts. These photographers consistently make me smile and aspire to take better pictures. In no particular order:



Karen Walrond is a photographer, writer, and former lawyer. She wrote a photo book called The Beauty of Different, and she encourages people to look for the light wherever they are and take a photo. Her pictures are usually a glimpse into the ordinary beauty of her everyday life.



If you like macro photography, then check out Andreas Villen’s account. His close-ups of bugs and flowers are incredible.



International photographer and teacher Colby Brown makes breathtaking landscape photos. If putting wishes out to the world means anything, I’d love to take one of his photo courses in Iceland next year.



Time to add a bit of local to the list. From Ontario, Tanya (whose last name I don’t know), captures our landscape beautifully. Check out her recent series on the baby swans born near her homethey are adorable!



If surf lifestyle and piers are your thing, look no further than this feed. Pete also arranges Instameets at Manhattan Beach in California. They look like so much fun, it makes me wish I lived closer just so I could join one!



Elaine from Ireland’s feed is full of life! Travel photos, toys, and incredible architecture are just some of the subjects of her incredible photography.



Her stop-motion animations are fantastic! Go watch them now.



So, technically, this isn’t one photographer, but they share shots from different photographers each day, all of which are spectacular. You may just find an individual photographer you want to follow from their feed.



I discovered Ami while following National Geographic. Her photos are stunning, particularly the series she did for National Geographic in Kashmir.



Jessica Girado takes all of her bright and beautiful photographs of her children with her iPhone 5s. No excuses for the rest of us.


Who are your favourite Instagrammers? Leave them in the comments so that we can all discover them!

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