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Eco-Friendly Tires for Your Car

Why You Should Consider Them The Next Time You Buy

Eco-Friendly Tires for Your Car

In recent years, car and tire manufacturers have been taking positive steps towards making their offerings more eco-friendly—fuel efficient hybrids, electric cars, cars with interiors that release less toxic fumes (you know, that “new car smell” we all love), and even eco-friendly tires.

Let’s face it though, despite all of the positive efforts, cars will probably never be 100% eco-friendly, but for most of us, they are a necessity. So what’s an eco-conscious consumer to do? If a newer, more eco-friendly car is not something you are ready to look at or if it’s just not in your budget, there are smaller things you can do to make your current vehicle greener. Right now, we’re going to focus on eco-friendly tires.

I was recently invited to attend Bridgestone’s tire launch event to learn about their new eco-branded products, the Dueler HP Sport AS and Potenza 97AS. Bridgestone manufactures an entire line-up of tires that carry the eco-brand symbol, however, they manufacture a tire that takes it a step further with eco-features and that is the Ecopia EP422 eco-friendly tire.

During the event, I learned that a large percentage of women are making the tire purchasing decisions in their households. But since eco tires are fairly new to the market, do we know what we need to consider before buying them?

I know when I buy tires, safety is a huge consideration. Price is another. Warranty, life-span, and reviews also play a role. For those of us who lean a bit towards to eco-friendly side, the green factor is also another consideration. So much information to weigh, right? But not to worry, I’ve got your back because I’m going to tell you what Bridgestone taught me and why I think eco tires are something to consider.

Why are Bridgestone’s eco-branded & Ecopia tires considered eco-friendly?

A lot of research goes into Bridgestone’s products, and they are continuously trying to make their tires even more eco-friendly, but the bottom line comes down to making their eco tires safe and better for the environment. They also want to make them work and feel like regular tires. So with Bridgestone eco-branded and Ecopia tires, you will enjoy:

  • Improved rolling resistance, which helps increase fuel efficiency and reduce vehicle emissions
  • Reduced tire weight which conserves resources
  • Environmentally conscious materials, such as non-aromatic oil and recycled materials

How is an eco-friendly tire better for the environment?

A small percentage of recycled rubber goes into the materials used to make most eco tires. Bridgestone runs a recycling program in order to repurpose old tires to produce their eco-friendly tires.

An eco-friendly tire will also save you gas, something that we can all appreciate considering the never-ending rising cost of fuel. Each eco tire manufacturer’s stats vary slightly, but Ecopia can potentially save you up to 7.5 litres* of gas per month when compared to conventional tires.

*This stat will vary based upon road conditions, driving style, and how well your car and tires are maintained

Do eco-friendly tires require special maintenance? Are they as safe as a regular tire?

There is no special maintenance required and they are just as safe as any other top-of-the-line tires on the market.

Before buying your next set of tires, do some research, ask lots of questions, and take your time making the decision to make sure you are buying the best product for you, your family, and the environment.

Would you consider buying eco-friendly tires?