Rich, Coconut Milk Hot Chocolate

A hot, dairy-free chocolate treat for a cold day (or any day!)

Rich, Coconut Milk Hot Chocolate

Rich Coconut Milk Hot Chocolate |

Spring and rain boots, summer and popsicles, fall and comfy sweaters. There are certain things we naturally associate with each season. For winter, one of those things is hot chocolate.

I think you'll agree that there's "good" hot chocolate and "not-so-good" hot chocolate. For me, it's a fine balance. It can't be too sweet (but it has to be sweet enough), it can't be made with water, and it has to have good chocolate flavour.

Back in elementary school on winter fun day, the big thing we looked forward to was the half-filled styrofoam cup of hot chocolate (made with water) and a chocolate wagon wheel. It makes for good childhood memories, but hot chocolate made with water doesn't always have the best flavour. I'm sure there's a way to master it, but I have yet to do it. At the time, all of us drank it up, enjoyed it like nothing else, and eyed the canister for seconds because it was a rare school treat. Now that we know the difference, our hot chocolate game can be taken up a notch with this recipe for rich coconut milk hot chocolate.

Whether you can't have dairy, choose not to have dairy, or even if you're a dairy lover, I'm pretty sure this hot chocolate will warm you up from the inside out and have you craving more (and maybe wishing for the next snow fall so you can have a good excuse to make it again...and again!) Because what's better than coming inside after building a snowman with the kids, skating at an outdoor rink, or shovelling the driveway for the past 45-minutes and warming up with a steaming cup of hot chocolate?

Coconut Milk Hot Chocolate 



1 cup unsweetened non-dairy milk
1/4 cup coconut milk (full fat or light)
4 1/2 tsp unsweetened cocoa powder
Sweetener of choice to taste
Coconut whipped cream (optional)


  Add non-dairy milk and coconut milk to a small pot. Heat until steaming, not boiling.

 Whisk in the cocoa powder.

 Add sweetener to taste, stir.

 Pour into a mug.

 If using coconut whip, add to the top.


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