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The Summer Fun Project - Camps

Keep Them Busy This Summer

Are your kids ready for camp?  Are you?  Whether it's day camp, overnight camp or camp Mom - you've got to be ready by now right? *waiting* *waiting* does that silence = a gasp of not being ready.  Yah, me too.  Welcome to my Summer Fun Project...Camp edition.

My Summer Fun Project: each week of this wonderful, long, hazy, dazy, crazy summer, I promise to share a "fun activity" theme in which work-in-the-world parents or stay-home-parents can build on for summer fun (because having 2 kids at home all summer + a baby is just not enough of a challenge for me #masochist).

So week 1 = Camp

Camp can be awesome or it can be armageddon.  Depends on your kid.  And you.  Day camp? Overnight camp?  Specialty camp?  How do you choose?

Get the kids involved.  Ask them what types of activities they want to do this summer.  Do they want to build on existing talents or try something new?  Are they comfortable sleeping in a tent or do they prefer to come home to their own beds at the end of the day?

Keep camp easy.  Is the drop off/pick up location in your 'hood?  Do they offer bus service?  Is there before/after care available? 

Your bullet points.  What are your bullet points in a camp?  Safety?  Activity? Staff:Camper ratio?

And it important to note that kids of all abilities can attend camp: there are some fantastic camps for kids living with autism, cancer, diabetes and more. 

I have signed my bigger kids up for a week of day camp (tip: check for sibling and membership discounts for camps).  I have one child eager to go and a reluctant one wishing to stay home.  Murphy's Law.

My strategy for the reluctant one: focus on the positives. 

And the rest of the summer?  It's camp Mom.  And we're building a little calendar of stuff to do (free and not free) - for half-days and full days to help organize camp Mom a bit better.  (Tip: check local libraries for book clubs, craft days & library bingo).

If you have any Summer Fun Projects to share: e-mail me and I'll include them in the weekly posts [email protected]