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Osprey Poco Child Carrier

Go Off Path With Your Baby

Have you ever wanted to go for a hike but the stroller won't manoeuvre the wood chip trail? Have you ever wanted to take the subway but the stroller won't magically levitate down the stairs? Have you ever wanted to take an older sibling to the orthodontist but you realized that the office is on the 2nd floor of a no-elevator building?

I am actually three for three in the above not-so-stroller-friendly situations. Don't let your baby gear hold you back from where you want to go!

Infant/Toddler child carriers were invented for places strollers can't go. Whether you want it for rural adventure or need it for urban convenience, a carrier is a smart thing. I had the opportunity to try out an Osprey Poco child carrier and it has some stand-out features I need to share.

48 Lbs

That's the maximum capacity (child, gear and pack combined). I thought at 22 lbs my dear son was already too big for a carrier. Not true!

Built-in Sunshade

With one unzip, one pull, and two clicks the sunshade is ready to go. I LOVE this feature. Just look how compact yet comprehensive this sunshade is:

Parent Friendly

Padded grab handles, cell phone pocket (very reachable), and zippered pockets for keys and other small things (also very reachable). The hipbelt length adjustment and torso length adjustment allows for me to fit the Osprey to my size or to my husband's size (carriers shouldn't be one size fits all anyway).

Baby Friendly

Removable drool pad (because drool happens), stirrups for child's feet (so they aren't kicking you), adjustable shoulder straps and bum seat (as your baby grows). One feature that is not included in the key feature notes on the brochure is the red animal designs facing the child on the inside of the carrier. Smart to give the child something close up to look and touch.

They also have accompanying products like a detachable day pack (see picture of me carrying daypack while Dad carries baby) and a Poco Carrying Case (nice if you are going on a plane, train, or road trip with carrier and baby). Plus a Poco Raincover (when would an urban girl like me use a raincover for a carrier?! How 'bout a parade where space for strollers is limited. This carrier would provide a great parade point of view come rain or shine).

In this modern world of accessibility, some places are just still not wheel-friendly (remind me to tell you the time I tried to push, shove, and drag my stroller across hot sand because I had the great idea of taking the kids to the beach #FAIL). A child carrier gets you to those inaccessible places with ease.

And some off-the-beaten-path-places make the best family adventures don't they?