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My Interview with Michael Damian

The 80s, Family Movies and Canada

Some may remember him as Danny Romalotti from The Young and The Restless, some (like me) might even remember his guest appearance on the Facts of Life as Jo's love interest  "Flyman".  But did you know Michael Damian's latest role is director of family friendly films?  I had the chance to interview Michael and chat about the 80's, family movies and Canada...(and yes the entire time his Facts of Life song: "She is from a different world" was playing in my head"...)

Some YMC readers will remember you as "Flyman" from Facts of Life or as playing Danny Romalotti on The Young and The Restless - how do you feel about being an 80's icon?

I feel so lucky to have been part of the 80's. The fashion was a little questionable but I had great hair. Seriously, what a great time in our music history. 

I'll never forget the day we got MTV. We were all glued to the TV for a week straight watching the videos.

Michael Jackson, Duran Duran, Madonna, Prince. Having a chance to act and sing as a profession during such an iconic time was a dream for me.

You have produced and directed some great family movies like Flicka 2, Marley and Me - the puppy years, Christmas at Castlebury Hall - what attracts you to family features?
One of my fondest memories growing up was gathering in the living room with whole family to watch The Walt Disney Sunday night movie. Families don't have that opportunity anymore so Janeen and I set out to make films that the family can watch together.  Hopeful stories told with positive messages.

You just finished shooting Flicka 3, with country superstar Clint Black,...any teasers to share?

Flicka 3 ended up being quite a family experience. We had the whole Black family. Clint is reprising his role as Toby and his wife Lisa Hartman Black is playing his love interest. Their daughter Lily is making her debut as the little sister of the nemesis. It was great watching them work together. They are a very tight family. It was such a joyful experience for all of us.

Flicka 3 was shot in Kelowna, B.C., how did you like Canada (and us Canadians)?

We have shot 3 films in Canada. It is always a great experience. It's such a beautiful country and the people are amazing. We have a very talented crew that we work with so it has become like our second family there.

What's next in the working life of Michael Damian?

The romantic comedy "Confections of a Discarded Woman." It's not confirmed yet, but our hope is to shoot it in Canada!

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