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5 Tips For Surviving a Road Trip With a Baby

Advice for Keeping Your Sanity on Your Next Vacation

We just got back from a looonnggg road trip (and I swear, they should make a special express lane for people driving with crying babies!). This column comes from the "been there, done that" file of mommy-hood...bookmark these 5 tips for surviving a road trip with a baby.

Try to drive when baby usually sleeps. We left on our 5 hour road trip at 7pm on a Friday night (not the most favourite time to drive after a day's work) but baby was bathed, fed and a few lullaby's away from sleep. Perfect driving time. Just take coffee. Lots of coffee.

Sit next to the baby. If you have a passenger, urge implore impel invite them to sit next to baby. That way, they can communicate to the driver, the baby-needs-of-the-moment like he needs a drink, he needs to sleep, he needs to have his diaper changed because it smells like elephant farts back here.

Toys. Lots of toys. Sitting next to the baby helps with this tip and you can pass and pick up aforementioned baby toys. I brought a small bag of toys with various textures, sizes and shapes for baby. His favourite toy? An empty Tim Horton's cup he bashed against his infant car seat. I should remember simple is always best.

Snacks. Snacks for you. Snacks for baby. Snacks are a good activity.

Sanity breaks - er I mean pit stops. Don't think that pulling into a service station as adding time to your drive...think of it as a sanity break. Sometimes a crying baby just needs to be held, hugged, or have his position changed. Break the driving up by taking a 15 minute break at a service station to stretch, play and breathe (deeply).

We made it to Detroit a bit after midnight, however our little bundle of joy didn't go to sleep until 2am and then woke up at 6...I took it as preparation for a future column "5 tips on surviving the teen years".