Caroline Fernandez: Activity Mummy


5 Tips To Survive Winter School Break

Hot Activities When It's Cold Outside

With overflowing toy boxes and bookcases filled to the brim we often hear "There is NOTHING to do!" from our kids over winter school break. Really kids?! Time to break the kids' boredom with these five tips to survive winter school break...

 Get Outside To Blow Out the Cobwebs. Which cobewebs I don't mom used to say it to me when I was bored "Go outside and blow off the cobwebs Caroline!" Mom was right. A change of environment can change the mood of the day. Whether it be building a snowman in the backyard, sledding in the local park, shoveling snow, skating, running to the car to go visit grandma...just getting outside is a good thing. Just bundle up. And go to the bathroom first.

 Movie Afternoon—a family favourite. Cuddle up on the couch and enjoy a family movie is a great winter break activity. While you push play on a movie you push pause on the world around you.

 Invite A Friend Over—sometimes the best activity is other kids. Tweens can listen to music and chat, kids can build living room forts, toddlers can just play side-by-side. A playdate is a warm way to spend a day.

 Family Field Trip—be a tourist in your own city. Bundle up and explore the tourist sites in your 'hood. A museum, zoo, science centre or art gallery are all family friendly destinations year round.

 Think Inside—activities, I mean. With your kids (or without) make a list of all the indoor activities you could do together...swimming, bowling, indoor playground, go-carting, baking, cooking, art, dancing, board games, library, scrapbooking, finger painting—endless possibilities really.

Enough of "There is NOTHING to do!" time to switch up the kids thinking and ask them "What can YOU think of to do..."