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Holiday presents that don't include parents

Gift guide for kid-led presents

So I'm having this baby.  Soon.  Really soon.  And I'll admit - my holiday shopping for the kids is pretty much done (I'm very good with deadlines).  I shopped off the "Dear Santa" list this year...and went with the theme of presents that don't include parents.

Because this year, we're baby-busy (for which I do feel a bit guilty of) and we need gifts that will occupy the kids while we take care of a newborn.  I thought it timely to share my shopping list with you might also be in the market for presents which don't require parent-energy...

Though both my kids want zhu zhu pets...I just can't buy in.  Back in Dec. 2009 there were reports from the CBC about Zhu Zhu hamsters called unsafe.  CBS news also reported on findings of Zhu Zhu's causing a potential health risk.  The makers defended the products and there were no recalls in Canada* -- but still - my parental confidence is shaken.  Sorry zhu zhu.

At the helpful suggestion of @MasterMindToys I bought my 10 year old a  Fashion Magazine Editor set and my 7 year old a microphone and microphone stand.

(NOTE: MasterMind Toys is Canadian and BONUS: free gift wrapping on-line and in-store)

What is cool to point out about the microphone toy is that it plugs into an ipod/mp3/cd player so the kids can sing-along to their Justin Bieber/Mylie Cyrus soundtracks at will.  And it comes with a headset microphone as well as the traditional microphone so kids can sing along or together.  (and it's not pink - so good for boys and girls!)

5 Hot Toys where parents-are-not-required

Crayola activity sets (I heart Crayola). 



Hot wheels


Please comment on any toy ideas which you have that don't require parent-input! DS games?  Children's books? Board games?...

Because tho, we aren't all having babies this holiday season...we could all use some time where the kids are busy...and not with us... 

*To get informed about Canadian Children's Products Recalls - visit Health Canada; Consumer Product Safety for warnings and recalls