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Egg Shell Art

Easy Craft For Easter or Anytime

I came up with the idea for egg shell art because one of the eggs we boiled for Easter eggs cracked during the cooking phase. Throw it out?! No way. I gave that egg a second life (well, third—I ate the boiled egg for lunch) as Egg Shell Art. This is a great craft for pre-schoolers.

You will need:

  • broken egg shells
  • glue
  • markers
  • construction paper

You can certainly still dye broken shells from Easter eggs (we did and it turned out fine). Just read my How to Colour Easter Eggs Using Food Colouring and follow those steps with the broken shells.

Egg Shell Art

  1. Draw flower stems
  2. Glue flower shapes (tulips are triangles, circle and petals can be a daisy)
  3. Sprinkle egg shells
  4. Hold paper up and tap off extra egg shells
  5. Allow to dry on a flat surface


Easy, creative, sensory, and fine motor skills all in one activity! This craft would look great decorating your Easter door!

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