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Not That Kind Of Sleepover!

Would You Let Your Teen Have a Sleep Over for Sex?

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Teens have sex.  It's true. We don't want to visualize it, we don't want to imagine it, but it happens.

I was 17 my first time. My fun was had outside my parent's home, however one time my mom and dad came home early from church and saw my girlfriend's car in the driveway.  They quietly came upstairs and opened my bedroom door.

You don't want to know what they saw.

It happens. Teens are having sex and now parents are wanting to let them have sex in the home so they can control safety and promiscuity. 

It's just like the parents who will host the house parties for their kids; they're going to drink anyway, might as well do it in a safe environment. Right?

I'm all for empowering kids with knowledge and being there to walk them through the tough decisions in life. I fully endorse parents letting kids on Facebook at an early age so that tech savvy kids can be raised. My argument for that was "they're going to do it anyway, they might as well do it with you by their side."

But when it comes to the more titillating topics, like sex and drugs and booze, my constitution wavers.

My ex-wife's daughter was 14-18 when we were together.  I saw her grow from an awkward girl in oversized hoodies to hide her body into a designer bag loving teen who could never find shorts short enough or tank tops tight enough. It was in grade 11 when she got her first serious boyfriend and my ex-wife would allow the boyfriend to sleep over.

It wasn't my choice, but it wasn't my say. I can't fully describe what it's like to knock on your step-daughter's door on a Saturday morning to invite a couple of teens downstairs for breakfast.

I'm 14 years away with having to deal with this scenario with my young boys now, and I'm guessing by 2025 this sort of permissive parenting will be widespread.

What's your take? Are your teens having sleepovers?