With 203 teens from age 15 to 19 dying by suicide that year, it was the second leading cause of death for that age bracket.
I want my children to know that an activist is someone that fights for what’s right, even when it feels like the world is against them.
10 teacher-approved activities that will keep your kids' brains learning and growing over the summer.
Some competition and rivalry is totally normal.... up to an incredibly-hazy-and-impossibly-unclear point.
Teens are immature. That's not an opinion or a dis - that's just biology.
The more kids see smoking in movies, the more likely they are to start.
Amidst this most recent tragedy emerges a spark of hope. Or perhaps rather a raging fire. The kids have had enough.
I’m fluent in Sarcasm. It’s sort of my specialty. I love a well-crafted, clever, true-ironic sentence. But now it's coming for ME.