Nov 24 2010

My Son The Writer Part 3

The Revenge Of Tak

by: Sharon DeVellis

Dear Ric,

In the last installation of Lavwa's Life, I was trying to ruin the family vacation to Hawaii and of course, you were there to save the day once again, basking in all the gloriousness that is you.

Or so we thought.

Nov 14 2010

My Son The Writer Part 2

I Swear I'm A Nice Person

by: Sharon DeVellis

Last week I wrote about my son embarking on his new career path - author - and how my enthusiasm waned upon discovering the main villain was Tak, the mom who hates kids.  But hey...that's okay... because apparently the family hates her too. Also, it appears she has a penis for a head.  

Let's see what that evil bitch is up to this week shall we?

Nov 8 2010

My Son The Writer Part 1

It's Official: I Really Am The Meanest Mother Alive

by: Sharon DeVellis

Son No. 1 decided recently he wanted to write a book.  Of course I was all over it and gave him a little notebook to start on his new career path. 

My excitement has since waned...

In case you can't read it or decipher the spelling mistakes it says:

Meet Mom.  She is incredibly strict and hates children which is strange because she has kids.  The family doesn't like her. The mom's name is Tak.


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