Oct 25 2012

Twitter for Beginners

Twitter Dos And Don'ts

by: Sarah Gunn

Whether you are a brand or a person looking to connect online, twitter is an amazing social media tool. But, it is only amazing if it is used the right way. And, yes, there is a wrong way to use twitter. Making a few simple mistakes, unknowingly or not, could affect how everyone on twitter interacts with you. Twitter is hard to grasp in the beginning, but, simply put, it is about building relationships, making connections, and engaging with others.

I remember when I started twitter in 2009 and how long it took me to navigate this new online world. I was totally using it incorrectly. Twitter is not Facebook. It is more interactive and, in my opinion, can totally change your life. Twitter is how I was able to start this blog at YMC, it's why I am now a regular expert on Cityline, it is how I was asked to contribute to amazing publications, including Today's Parent magazine. When I see people making 'mistakes' on twitter, I want to help, but I don't want to offend by tweeting to someone directly. Hence this post.

To get the most out of your twitter experience, here are my top 10 twitter dos and dont's:

I have simplified the Dos and Don'ts a bit here, but I think they are mostly self explanatory. Basically: be yourself, do everything in moderation and engage with people you follow and who follow you. Most of all, have fun! I laugh more on twitter then I do watching most sitcoms.

If you have any twitter questions, let me know. I am no expert, but I'd be happy to help!

I'd love to know.....what are your Dos and Don'ts for twitter?

A huge thank you to the long list of lovely people that shared twitter tips and pet peeves with me on twitter and on Facebook! xoxo



Oct 24 2012

How To Use Pinterest For Your Blog

Pinterest 101

by: Sarah Gunn

Pinterest is an amazing tool for increasing traffic to your blog. It is also the best online resource for images and inspiration. I recently shared my pinterest addiction, tips, and some important facts in a presentation at Blissdom Canada. Take a moment to watch the video below to see how to make pinterest work for you and your blog, including five 'pinnable' ideas you can do today:

All images in the video are mine except for the two fabulous Halloween images by i heart nap time. Be sure to check out her blog—it is full of a ton of amazing ideas.

The infographics are from mashable, visual.ly, and pinerly as indicated on the appropriate slide.

Here is my pinterest account....come say hi!

Oct 23 2012

5 Geometric Rugs for $600 or less

Adding pattern to your floor without breaking the bank

by: Sarah Gunn

I kind of have an obsession with geometric area rugs. I love the patterns, the colours and the sense of fun they add to a room. They feed my love of symmetry. But damn, they can be expensive! So, I went on a search for fabulous, but frugal, geometric rugs. Ranging in price from $89 to $580, these prove you don't have to break the bank to add some geometric goodness to your floors.

Where to Shop:

1. stamped scalloped rug {urban outfitters}
2. herringbone rug {urban outfitters}
3. andalusia dhurrie rug {west elm}
4. lappljung ruta rug {ikea}
5. olin grey rug {crate and barrel}

All images courtesy of urban outfitters, west elm, ikea and crate and barrel}






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Sarah Gunn loves interior design almost as much as she loves her two adorable boys and her hot husband. 

She has had a vision her whole life of her dream house. You know. The mansion that sits on the ocean with a pool and the massive wrap around porch. And a butler. Then she grew up. Turns out life isn't a fairytale and she's not exactly living in a castle. In fact, her house is in constant need of design intervention. Little things like children, exhaustion and budgets get in the way.

But this story does have a happy ending: years of experience watching decorating shows and clipping ideas from her favourite design magazines have equipped Sarah with the mad decorating skills she needs to turn anyone's house into the home of their dreams with great tips, tricks and inspiration. 

Join Sarah each week as she shares DIY projects, inspiration and her favourite new décor finds...all on a budget every mummy will love.

Sarah has recently had a dream of a lifetime come true: she now shares her mad DIY skills on the popular show, CityLine. She is also now designing spaces for children. If this is all a dream, then please don't wake her up. 

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