Mar 30 2011

Cityline's Social Media Show: Part 2

How You Can Be Cityline's Blogger Of The Month

by: Sarah Gunn

I may or may not have been tweeting up a storm about Cityline’s special blogger episode that aired on Tuesday. That’s because it was one of the most fun things I have ever taken part in. The audience was filled with lifestyle bloggers and the topics were all related to social media. If you missed it, you can watch the complete episode here.


I love that Cityline is celebrating bloggers. I have been so lucky over the past year to connect with so many amazing, talented and inspiring people. Being at home, I don’t have a lot of adult time during the day so I love connecting with other people through social media!

During the show Tracy announced that is going to be featuring a lifestyle blogger each month. I am still kind of speechless about the fact that I have been chosen to be first Blogger of the Month. And thrilled, shocked, thankful and basically freaking out. You can see my segment on the show here.

Do you write a blog about food, fashion, beauty, decor or parenting, or do you know someone who writes a fantastic lifestyle blog? If so, click here to find out how to be featured as the next Blogger of the Month!

Mar 27 2011

Cityline's Social Media Show

Become The Next Cityline Blogger Of The Month

by: Sarah Gunn

I am really good at keeping a secret. I mean really good.

I got a phone call from Kate Moore, a producer at Cityline asking me if I wanted to take part in a special show focused on bloggers and social media. I tried to be all cool and calm, but I was doing the Hammer dance the whole time we talked. Cityline is launching a new feature on their website called, Blogger of the Month, and Kate said I was going to be the first one {cue more happy dancing and add happy claps}. She and Patrick Reynolds {yes the Patrick} came to my house to film the segment. It was so much fun!

Then came the hard part: I could not tell anyone. It was not easy but I did it. I so wanted to crack on the drive in with Christine, Christine , Ana and Vanessa but I was a vault.

The audience was packed with many familiar faces and some new: design bloggers, food bloggers, beauty bloggers and ‘mommy bloggers’.


Cityline encouraged tweeting throughout the show and had our tweets on a large screen in the studio. Fun


Tracy Moore was on her laptop throughout the show too.


The show’s guests included my fabulous boss, Erica Ehm, design diva Leigh-Ann Allaire Perrault, beauty expert Tracy Nicole Peart and chef Claire Tansey. Each segment connected to social media in some way. I loved it. My favourite part of the show was when the ladies dished on their social media dos and don’ts.

Oh....and the part when I was on. I was so nervous because I knew Tracy would ask me a question but had no idea what it could be. I *think* I handled it well though!

After the show we went to the super fabulous Ritz Carlton Hotel for a tweetup. I’m not gonna lie, it was fantastic!


I can’t wait to see the show at 9:00 EST Tuesday, March 29th. I hope you watch too.

If you do not get Cityline {poor you!!} then you can watch online at I will have more info on my blog about how you can be Cityline's next blogger of the month!

Also? I can’t believe that I wrote about always wanting to be on Cityline here, and now I actually have been. I can’t tell you how incredibly lucky I feel. I need you to pinch me. Wait, no I don’t, because if this is all a dream, then I don’t want to wake up. 

{some photos pilfered from Leigh-Ann Allaire Perrault's facebook page.}

Mar 23 2011

Bloggers Give Back

Creating Mood Boards For Your Outdoor Living Space

by: Sarah Gunn

I am so proud to be taking part in Bloggers Give Back. I wrote about this amazing project, started by Lindsay from Little House Blog, earlier this week here.

We are giving the backyard of George Herman House a much needed makeover . I am so excited to help make this a special oasis for these women. Here is what the space looks like now:



We have some amazing sponsors involved, including Ikea and Tonic Living. They made it easy to put together some beautiful ideas. My vision for the backyard includes a two sitting areas, a dining area and some low maintenance plants and trees. I wanted to create a soothing and comfortable space. {Warning: I am not the greatest with mood boards...but I hope you can get the idea of the look I am going for}.





What do you think?

Before images curtesy of Bloggers Give Back



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