May 24 2012

Currently Obsessed With: Ombre

Nine Shades of Ombre

by: Sarah Gunn

Ombre means shaded or graduated tone of colour. This hot trend is everywhere from home decor, party decorations to fashion.

I love the soft look of the gradual shades of colour in each of the images below. Which one is your favourite? I have wanted to try a project like the dresser below for awhile and the balloon wall is such a fun idea!


photo credits: nib, chatelaine, urban outfitters, danielle oakley interiors, she knows, martha stewart weddings, hairdresser on fire, stay cool, emerald sparkle

May 21 2012

Currently Obsessed With: Painted Floors

Wood You Do It?

by: Sarah Gunn

I hate our flooring on our main floor. It is laminate. Ugly, orangey laminate. We will replace it with hardwood at some point, but that is not in our budget at the moment so I had a moment of genius.

Or so I thought.

I could paint the floors! I have always loved the look of a painted floor. But before I could pick the white and gray combo I dreamed of, I was told by those in the know {thank you Leigh-Ann!} that it would not be a wise choice because paint and laminate are not a good combination. So, sadly I guess I will be passing on the painting {unless anyone out there knows a way to make it work!}

Instead, I will suffer from floor envy....just look at these beautiful painted floors...and dream of the day when we can get hardwood.

So what do you think? Would you ever paint a floor?

images: tobi fairley, more ways to waste time, sarah walk, mi casa

hero image: house to home, coastal living

May 15 2012

5 Tips for Decorating with White

It's The White Thing To Do

by: Sarah Gunn

I have always loved decorating with white and my home is full of white furniture. It goes with everything and brightens any room. Here are my top tips for using white in your home:

 White is timeless. It can be modern, country, traditional and it can also unify several looks. Painting all furniture in a room white allows you to mix modern and classic pieces. Highlighting one or more piece by using a different colour {like the chairs in the photo below} gives them a sense of importance.
 White is light and airy, opens up the smallest spaces, and it gives the eye a place to rest in a room like this with a lot of colour and pattern.
 There are a variety of shades of white. Subtle variations of undertone, from yellow to blue, make a huge difference in the mood and look. Make sure to stick with the same tone throughout a room, including accessories. The whites in throw cushions, for example, should be the same tone as the white on the sofa. When I painted the rug for this dining space, it took me awhile to settle on a white that matched the tone of the Ikea Liatorp dining set. I finally settled on Benjamin Moore's Simply White. They both have a creamy slightly yellow undertone.
 A white backdrop acts a blank canvas allowing colour to pop. Just like serving a fantastic meal on white plates, the colour in a mostly white room is the start of the show. Use soft pastels for a romantic, calming feel, or add vibrant colour to give a room more energy. Using colour in only the accessories makes it so easy to completely change the mood of the space by replacing a few key pieces.
 Don't be afraid to use white because you worry about it getting dirty. I have a house full of boys and every single room has white furniture {no white sofas quite yet, but all wood is my house is white}. If it's good quality it will have the same durability as any other colour.
photo credits: bhghouse of turquoise, me, bhg, micasa
hero image collage: west elm, in the funlaneethan allen


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