Apr 30 2012

Transform Your Home for Spring

Spring Blooms

by: Sarah Gunn

I love this time of year. The weather is getting warmer {sort of}, the windows are open {sometimes}. For some reason, every spring, I also decide that my house needs a design makeover. I want to paint, add new, more colourful, fabrics and switch up the accessories. Sadly, I can't redo the design scheme every year so I bring spring into each room in a few small, but effective ways.

First of all, I do a major spring clean. As a part of this I also edit the accessories in each room. Some get put in storage in the basement and others get donated. 

I often move accessories from room to room, sometimes I even switch up the art or photography on the walls to make the room feel new.

My favourite way to bring the happy feeling of spring into my home is with the use of flowers. As I type, I can see out the window that my lilacs are just starting to bloom. Until they are ready, these gorgeous blooms are putting a smile on my face.




Apr 23 2012

How To Shop a Yard sale

Turning a Find into Fantastic

by: Sarah Gunn

It's no secret that I love shopping for vintage decor for my home. Yard sales are a great resource for antique pieces, unique finds and your next DIY project. This spring, on May 26th, you can shop for the perfect something and support the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation by taking part in Yard Sale for the Cure.

Before you start that shopping, desiqn duo, Melissa Davis and and Halina Catherine, of Catherine + Davis, dish on how to transform yard sale “finds” into designer-inspired pieces.

1. Transform stray plates into stunning wall art

Choose a plate with a splash of colour and an antique pattern for your formal dining room, or opt for two or three different sized white plates for a modern looking kitchen design.

2. See the value in old furniture
Even if you don’t have the know-how to refurbish a dresser or reupholster a chair, finding an expert who can do the work for you may still prove to be less expensive than buying new. Ignore the colour of the wood or the pattern of the fabric and look for furniture with interesting bones (the shape of a chair or the quality of wood of a dresser). If you see something you love, you can bring the item to an upholsterer or restorer and create a custom piece.
3. Get creative with quilting
Scour yard sales for old linens and clothes with bright colours and intricate patterns, then get quilting! These stunning bedspreads make ideal gifts for baby showers and house warming parties; or, give your own guestroom a colourful makeover and let the quilt be your centrepiece.
4. Add some floral flair
Transform everyday glass bottles found at yard sales, into elegant vases by coating their interiors with glass enamel paint. These bud vases will look stunning filled with fresh spring flowers and will breath new life into your home office, powder room, or sitting room.
Feeling inspired? Visit yardsaleforthecure.com/find-sale to find a Yard Sale for the Cure event in your community and get shopping!


Apr 17 2012

How To Decorate A Bookcase

Bookcase styling

by: Sarah Gunn

There is an art to creating a perfectly-styled bookcase. It's one that I struggle with sometimes, so I went online to find beautiful expamples and thought carefully about what made each one 'work.' 

As I was studying these photos I was reminded of and learned a few key points:

Whether you go bold or monochromatic, keep the colour scheme simple. Three main colours work best.

 Layer the accessories {art, books, objects} to add depth and interest.

 Create symmetry through the repeated use of items and the arrangements of items.

 Include items that are a variety of shapes and sizes. Vary the heights of each grouping of objects.

I am constantly re-arranging my bookcases trying to achieve that perfect look. Now, with these guidelines {and a few shopping trips} I am ready to take them on!

photo credits: julie couch, hgtv, haus design, the brooklyn home companyreal simple



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