Jan 30 2012

Free Valentine's Day Printables

The best free Valentine printables on the web!

by: Sarah Gunn

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and I don't know about you, but I find it harder and harder to find cute Valentine's Day cards for kids in stores. But the internet is a whole other story. There are some truly adorable designs out there. You can find cards, tags, art and more.

Here are a few of my favourites free Valentine printables. Click on the link with each one and it will take you to the site of the talented designer where you can print them.

My little guy loves zebras so I could not resist sharing these cards made by Bunny Cakes with you. The free printable does not come personalized but you can visit the Bunny Cakes Etsy store to order printable personalized ones for only $4.50.

Catch My Party has the cutest selection of favour tags, a Be Mine Banner, these yummy chocolate bar wrappers and more. They are designed by Green Apple Paperie, who also has an Etsy shop with many 'almost-free' printable designs.

How cute are these cards from Sara Westbrook from One Charming Party? I love that she goes old-school the word rad in there.

I just love these cards from Pumpkins and Posies, especially the monster one!

Lindsay from Grace Announcements designed these sweetheart-themed cards. They are great for a classroom card exchange, especially for little ones, like my son in JK.

These gift tags from The Rubber Punkin are stylish for any age. 

These treat bags from The Farm Chicks may just be the cutest printables I have ever seen! They are perfect for holding sweet treats or love notes.

There you have it, my favourite free Valentine printables all in one place!

Which ones are you going to click and print?

Whether you embrace the romance of or refuse to partake in forced declarations of love, our Valentine’s Day page is filled with articles, crafts, activities, and food to fit your mood.
Jan 25 2012

My Son's Big Boy Room

Gray, Blue and White All Over

by: Sarah Gunn

I am not sure I am quite ready for this, but my baby boy is growing up. He is getting to big for his crib. Which means it is time to transform his nursery room into a Big Boy Room.

Although I am finding it hard to think about letting go of the crib and the art I made that hung on the wall for both boys as babies, I am excited about the vision I have for redecorating his room. I am in love with the idea of a gray, blue and white room, with a splash of yellow {his favourite colour}.

It is a small space and will only hold a single bed, dresser and chair so I really want to add some interest to the walls with board and batten.

How fabulous is this fabric combination? I love them all! My dream would be to have a custom duvet cover made, along with cushions, window treatments and a curtain to hide the closet clutter. He does not have closet doors. Don't ask. First-time homebuyer mistake. 

I have a lot more sourcing to do but I am so happy with the look that is developing so far. 

I just hope Pooker likes it as much as I do!

Image Sources: board and batten: imperfectly polished, fabrics: tonic livingdesigner fabrics {seagulls} and baby bedding {animal print} wallpaper: dwell studio.


Jan 14 2012

10 Reasons I Want to Take Part in Blogtour 2012

Bloggers. Travel. Design. Fun!

by: Sarah Gunn

Blogtour 2012 is about to kick off and it sounds beyond amazing! In case you have not heard, Blogtour was created by Veronika Miller of Modenus. It is a sponsored event where a select group of design and lifestyle bloggers is invited to join Modenus on a five-day trip to an international design destination. Doesn’t that sound amazing? I honestly can’t think of anything more fun, so, of course I applied!

Here are the 10 reasons why I want to go on Blogtour 2012:
1. I love all things pretty and, seriously, where can you find more pretty than in London, Paris, Milan or New York City?  
2. I have been obsessed with design since I started rearranging furniture in my Fisher Price A-Frame House. Honestly, the only reason I played with dollhouses was so that I could decorate the rooms the way I wanted. So, to go on a trip to an amazing destination with other design bloggers to explore the best in design? Dream. Come. True.
3. I love connecting with people that share the same passion for pretty that I do. They inspire me in so many ways. 
4. I just know I would learn so much from any of the amazing bloggers on the list. I love any opportunity to learn and to become a better blogger.
5. I love to tweet and pin my heart out on pinterest and I just know there will be a shed load of tweet-and-pinterest-worthy material. It would also give me the perfect excuse to buy an iphone. And possibly, a super fancy cover.
6. I wrote that I wanted to go on a design focused trip to Europe on my Wish List for 2012. Before I learned about this blogtour! Dare I say…..Sarah-ndipity? 
7. I have not been to Europe with a design eye. When I lived in Stockholm and, later, in London, I appreciated the beauty but I did not make the most of the inspiration there. I would love the chance to see London, Paris {or Milan} with a new perspective.
8. I am not going to lie…the idea of shopping in London, Paris or Milan makes my heart {and closet} so very happy!
9. Life is short so I think it is so important to make the most of it by experiencing as much of life as I can.
10. I am a travel addict. I love visiting new places and seeing everything there possibly is to see, experiencing every experience. When I travel, sleep is optional but fun is essential. I have lived in Stockholm and London, but the past few years, my passport has been collecting dust. It is so ready to get back in the game. And this just in:
If you want to read my entry and the 150+ amazing others, click here. You will not find a more fabulous list of design bloggers anywhere else!
Wish me luck! xo
Photos curtesy of: me, therese sennerholt, me, etsy {anne elizabeth photos}, me}


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