Dec 29 2011

Looking Back: 2011

The Year Dreams Came True

by: Sarah Gunn

2011 has been an amazing year for me. And I have this blog to thank for setting me on a path of making dreams come true. As I think back on the past year, so many amazing memories come to mind. From interviewing Design superstars, like Genevieve Gorder, to becoming Cityline's very first Blogger of the Month, it has been a year of: Holy crap! Somebody pinch me!

When Erica asked me to decorate her daughter's bedroom, I may have actually cried a bit. I know I did in the reveal video. I can't thank Erica enough for taking a chance on me and letting me create a special room for her sweet little girl.

For that to lead to me hosting the Canadian launch of PBTeen is also amazing to me. I love everything about the entire Pottery Barn family.

Another great event was the IDS blogger party and gala!  I love any chance to party with my design blogger girls!

I loved rediscovering my home, Nova Scotia, in several posts this summer. I hope you did too!

I think my favourite 'holy crap! pinch me' moment this year was when I was asked to be on Cityline. I can't even tell you how long this has been a dream of mine. Years and years of: I would love to do that, this year, turned into: I DID that!! And to be asked back again, not once, but twice?! Cue my happy dance Note: {I did actually do a happy jumpy dance while on the phone with my fabulous producer, Kate Moore}.

How can a year like this be beat? I have no idea, but I can't wait to find out! Now...I'd really love to hear your proudest moments of 2011!!

Dec 29 2011

Dreaming Big For 2012

Posts I Dream of Writing

by: Sarah Gunn

As I said in a similar post in January, I am not a fan on New Year's Resolutions. I am, however, a big dreamer. And I think there is something to be said for putting your dreams out there. So, here is my dreamy wish list for posts I'd like to write in 2012.

- I wrote this one last year but it is yet to happen, so, again, I dream of observing the styling and photographing of a Style At Home magazine shoot.

- Share the reveal of at least one room in my house that is done. Decorated to perfection. Like, I don't know......maybe the kitchen that we started renovating last year.

- Reveal the before and afters of other peoples' spaces that I helped make beautiful, like the very first room I decorated earlier this year, Erica Ehm's daughter's bedroom.

- Share what I learned at a blogging conference designed specifically for design bloggers.

- I'd like to write at least one DIY project how-to a month. And don't worry, I doubt I will be vlogging these after what happened last time.

- Dreaming really big with this one...but it would be a dream come true to return to Europe and explore the design inspiration that is around every corner.

-And my top dream post of 2012? No contest. It would be to continue to share my mad DIY skills on Cityline and then write about it all here. Being on Cityline was truly my biggest dream for 2011 and I still honestly can't believe it came true!

What are your dreams for 2012? I'd love to hear them!

Dec 21 2011

Holiday Gift Wrapping Ideas

Three Ways to Get Crafty with Brown Paper Packages

by: Sarah Gunn

Wrapping presents is one of my favourite things to do this time of year. I love the patterns of paper, the ribbons and the bows. This year, though, I wanted to get a little crafty with my Christmas wrapping so I challenged myself to come up with three different ways to use brown paper.

I discovered that brown paper packages don't just have to be tied up with string, they can be decorated with most anything. {Yes, The Sound of Music is my favourite movie of all time}

I mostly used things around the house, but if you do not have a basement full of craft supplies, you can get everything you need at any craft store.

So, how about you? Do you get crafty with your wrapping, or are you a tissue and bag kind of wrapper?

Looking for holiday inspiration? Visit the YMC Holiday Guide to find everything from sweet treats and delicious dishes to DIY décor and favourite family movies. If it’s holiday related, you’ll find it there.


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But this story does have a happy ending: years of experience watching decorating shows and clipping ideas from her favourite design magazines have equipped Sarah with the mad decorating skills she needs to turn anyone's house into the home of their dreams with great tips, tricks and inspiration. 

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Sarah has recently had a dream of a lifetime come true: she now shares her mad DIY skills on the popular show, CityLine. She is also now designing spaces for children. If this is all a dream, then please don't wake her up. 

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