We created this page filled with resources and tips to help breastfeeding moms, and included stories of successful and not-so-successful attempts to breastfeed.
don't ask a mom how she is feeding her baby
Don't ask a mom how she is feeding her baby. Instead, tell her how adorable her baby is. You will make her day.
You don’t hear people speak openly about their lack of desire to breastfeed. They don’t want to risk the inevitable fire and brimstone that will befall them.
A new study has found that giving babies small amounts of formula in the first few days following birth can actually increase the duration of breastfeeding.
It is not my business how any other woman feeds her child EXCEPT when that woman is being allowed to believe that her body is malfunctioning.
So many people in the parenting world want to tell the rest of us we are doing it wrong. I want the chance to tell people that it’s okay to do it ‘wrong'.
You may not be able to control other people from judging you but you can control this.
Can a formula company end the "Mommy Wars" with this poignant ad? Grab a tissue.