Let's Celebrate #WorldBreastfeedingWeek 2015!

Breastfeeding can be a touchy subject because feeding your baby isn't just about nutrition, it's emotional. August marks the 22nd year of World Breastfeeding week. This year 175 countries worldwide will celebrate Breastfeeding from August 1st to 7th.

We created this page filled with resources and tips to help breastfeeding moms, and included stories of successful and not-so-successful attempts to breastfeed. It's our way of celebrating all moms—those who breastfed and those who didn't, the moms who tried, and the ones who chose not to.


Because we're all in this together.

Learn some of the most common breastfeeding challenges, like blocked ducts, sore nipples, mastitis and engorgement, and how you can overcome them.
breastfeeding wasn't for me
Breastfeeding almost ruined my relationship with my daughter.

Breastfeeding may be natural but it's not always instinctive. Here some tips to get your started on making breastfeeding a time you will cherish and enjoy.
It’s hard to imagine what breastfeeding is like until you’ve done it. And it’s not the same for all. For me, it has been perfect. This is my story.

After having a baby, your body is healing, recovering, and starting to produce breast milk—proper nutrition is key to maintaining your health.
Yes, he's 18 months old and still breastfeeding and if you want to judge me you can just suck it.
It's important that a mom takes care of herself as she's taking care of her newborn. In order to ensure proper nutrition follow these food guidelines.
Along with a prenatal multivitamin and well balanced meals, these are the six foods that pack a nutrition punch and you should be adding to your diet.
can you only bond if you breastfeed
The notion that women who can’t (or won’t) breastfeed aren’t capable of bonding with their babies as well as those of us devoted to nursing is absurd.
I vowed I wouldn't let pressure to breastfeed get to me, I would do what worked for us. Nobody told me that most of the pressure would come from me.
I want to breastfeed so desperately I'm drinking nettle leaf tea, fenugreek tea, fennel seed tea, and every Indian concoction that my mother can get into me.
When breastfeeding doesn’t go as planned, there are other ways to ensure baby is well fed and cared for. Start by cutting yourself a little slack!
breastfeeding problems
We all know breast is best but I think they may have edited out a few parts on the soft focus videos about breastfeeding.
I spend 90% of my day with my boobs hanging out and am udderly convinced my breasts could use a rest.
Dear Breasts: After 13 months of breastfeeding, I look down and wonder, "Where did you go?" You didn't even leave me a note to say good-bye.
I made the decision to wean my baby and while she is okay with it, I'm a mess. How did you get through it when you decided to stop breastfeeding?
don't ask a mom how she is feeding her baby
Don't ask a mom how she is feeding her baby. Instead, tell her how adorable her baby is. You will make her day.
My toddler has become addicted to my boob and I have taken to wearing my protective kevlar boob shield 90% of the time.
Spotted in a café in southern England, this blackboard urges moms to take a seat, have a cuppa, and relax and nurse without fear of judgment.