6 Active Poses All Moms Know By Heart

Toddler Tantrum Squats? CHECK.

Society doesn’t expect moms to wear high heels and pearls in the kitchen – or at all, if it’s not their fashion jam - anymore. We’re living in a time when comfort and style can actually go hand in hand, and no matter your size, shape, formal activity level, or career/calling, there are options available to outfit you in ways YOU want, for the ways YOUR body wants or needs to move. Our mothers and grandmothers’ industrial-rubber style “comfort” girdles can quietly die in a hole, thank you very much. We’ll take soft, supple yoga pants that hold their shape and stylish pants and skirts built for women on the move any day.

Add to this that for many families, it’s someone else besides mom in the kitchen - because mom is out cutting the grass, walking the dog, or coaching the soccer team. Moms are active from the minute their feet hit the floor in the (too early) morning until the last minute of the (long) day when they are sweetly, blissfully raised up onto a soft mattress after a day in the trenches. (I don’t care if you’re a Bay Street Finance Queen, a volunteer Kindergarten lunch helper, or a part-time dental hygienist; if you’ve got kids, you’re active.) 

In short, moms move. We chase toddlers in busy parks, walk all manner of pets kids begged for and promised to exercise but never assist with, hunt down teenagers who are definitely NOT at the library with Debbie, and, oh yeah, likely participate in some sort of formal movement like Yoga or other fitness pursuit designed to make us sweat in places we’ve never seen, even in the shower or on our honeymoons. Moms are active practically every minute of the day and it’s no wonder - the very word “Mom” is a noun AND a verb! We need clothes that move with us - literally.

Look at all we do in a given day: