How To Plan For Your Kid’s Future

Time flies by in the blink of an eye. One day you’re worried about your baby getting into a preschool, the next you’re sending them off to college. Are you ready for this? Take it from us, you need to start planning for your child’s future education now.


But how do you know how much to save and how to save it?


If you have questions about RESPs, you've come to the right place. We put together this series of articles to help you better understand what the future could hold for your kids, with steps you can take now to make saving for their future a little easier.

3 Ways To Save For Your Child's Post-Secondary Education
Easy short, medium and long-term ways to save your money so you can invest in your child's future.
When Is The Best Time To Start Saving For Your Child’s Education?
Are you a first time parent who feels you don't have the time or energy to open an RESP? Learn why you need to change the way you're thinking.

Everything You Need To Know About RESP's
Are you confused as to what you can use an RESP for when the time comes? So was this mom, so she did some research. This is what she learned.
resp save money
Want to learn how you can get tax-free money from the government for your child's post-secondary education? It's easier than you think.

Important Things To Look For In An RESP
Learn about what you need to look for in an RESP to help you easily invest your money wisely when it comes to education
baby products
Take it from a mom who's been there and done it! Don't waste your money on these baby items. Bonus: These are the 5 items you'll actually use.
The Easiest Way To Purchase RESP's For Your Children
Six reasons to invest in a giraffe & friends RESP and the three things you should know about RESPs (like how long you can put an RESP on hold).
5 Cool Things Things You Didn't Know About RESP's
The five things you should know about saving for your child’s education.
University Graduate
From university to internships and community college—you may be shocked to find out how much it's going to cost you to pay for a post-secondary education.