Top 5 Ways to Store Small Toys

How to Tame Toys That are Hard to Keep Together

From games, to puzzles, to softcover books, to those play sets with teeny tiny many of our kids’ toys are hard to corral. Here are 5 ideas to help keep toys together so your kids can enjoy playing with them, without missing that crucial piece. And the green bonus is that many of these tips are reusing packaging and things you get for free.

Jen is a multi-tasking mom who likes to keep things under control…well as much as she possibly can when balancing motherhood, marriage, work, friendships... life basically.

We can all relate to being overwhelmed by too much to do and oh so little time. Controlling the insanity and simplifying the day-to-day helps Jen find more time. Time for her family, time for herself, and time to devise ways to keep her active little boy happy and out of trouble.