Shrove Tuesday: Plan The Perfect Pancake Meal

Whether you like them fluffy or flat, drenched in maple syrup or filled with fruit, pancakes are the perfect breakfast for dinner delight. We've stacked together these pancake recipes your whole family will flip over.

Apples make them moist, whole wheat flour makes them healthy—serving them for dinner makes you the best mom ever.
Skip the cold toast and messy kitchen. Have your family serve these mouthwatering pancakes drizzled in a luscious lime syrup for Mother's Day.

Not only are these deliciously, fluffy pancakes gluten-free, this recipe is vegan as well.
In the 'so bad it's good' category these deliciously decadent pancakes will have you feeling like you're eating pumpkin pie for breakfast.

The holiday colours are red and green but this year, add a bit of yellow to your Christmas breakfast.
Are your pancakes falling flat? Check out these five tips for fluffy, light pancakes every time.
Apricot Syrup Recipe
Use this syrup to drizzle on pound cake, ice cream or pancakes for a fall flavour all year round.
Blueberry Buttermilk Breakfast Cake Recipe
A breakfast and a tasty treat all rolled into one!
What do you get when you combine kids, creativity, LEGO and breakfast? Take a look at this and see...
Freezing pancakes on the weekend makes for a super simple breakfast during the week.
We've boiled down the sweet truth on this sugary sap.
Here's a yummy and easy recipe for low fat, high protein pancakes. Perfect to start a busy mom's day.
by: Erica Ehm