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Brunch: A combo of breakfast and lunch favourites, it’s truly the most leisurely meal of all. A simple pleasure best enjoyed mid-morning, it should be a gathering of the finest company—your dearest friends and loved ones. Languid and relaxed, brunch is ritualistic, sociable and an excellent weekend tradition.  A time to indulge over cappuccino and something sweet or savoury. When hosting your first brunch at home, take some time to think about the simple things that can make the pastime special and grown-up-feeling.  

Plan The Menu

This one sounds obvious but deciding on what you will serve at your brunch, before you go to the store, will make things a whole lot easier. Start with the basics: eggs or omelets, pancakes or French toast, fresh fruit, and greens. Be sure to ask your guests about any dietary restrictions in advance and plan around this if necessary. Gluten-free and lactose-free options are at most grocery stores. Look at the labels carefully and add bread and milk alternatives or options where you can. 

Acquire the Essentials

Depending on the size of your brunch and the number of guests, you’ll need to stock up on a few key serving items like dishes for any casserole, flutes for mimosas and tea cups and saucers for tea service. 

Prepare in Advance

Egg dishes like quiche or casseroles can be made the night before, saving you from getting up at 6 a.m. on the weekend. Fresh fruit can be chopped in advance and French toast can be made the day before. This will de-stress on the day of and will allow you more time to host and socialize with your guests.

Set Up the Night Before

Another great way to alleviate the feeling of time running out, is to set the table the night before. Plates, napkins, glassware and utensils can all be set in place. Fresh flowers and personalized place cards are lovely touches that make your guests feel extra welcome. Plus, it gives them something sentimental to take home after you’ve noshed.  

Remember to Have Fun

Don’t fret: your hosting skills will be honed over time. One of the most difficult-to-master is finding the right balance between spending enough time with the guests and ensuring the meal goes off without a hitch. Have fun with it and remember: brunch is (and should be) something you enjoy doing.

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