How to Build a Better New-Mom Recovery Gift Pack

Great gifts and ideas from $0 up!

After giving birth, you can be a bit... tender. Your feelings may be close to the surface and you’re likely exhausted and recovering from an enormous physical feat. It can sometimes be overwhelming, and you deserve a lot of credit, a lot of rest, and a lot of pampering. But worry not, moms-to-be! It’s not a cause for concern, as women are amazing and resilient, and everything is going to be fine. (We repeat: your body just did something miraculous - you MADE AND BROUGHT FORTH A PERSON - and you *are* going to recover.)

Take advantage of the few weeks before birthing day (hello, nesting instinct!) and create a recovery pack – or, if you know a new mom but are at a loss as to what to get her or do for her, these suggestions will help. (Note to gift-givers: these are all things you can easily do or pool together with other people, as they range from “practically free” to a little more extravagant.)