Get in the Game: Don't Let the Kids Have all the Fun!

Games Aren't Just for the Kids

Most moms see portable gaming systems as a refuge; a handy tool to keep junior’s mind stimulated while you indulge in a half-hour cardio or yoga routine that keeps you fit and retains your sanity.

What most moms don’t know is that video “games” are for you too.  The truth is portable gaming systems aren’t just a great way to keep your kids engaged but they are also a great way to keep yourself entertained because, believe it or not, there are games just for you.

Missing out

Imagine for a moment you’re stuck in the waiting room at the doctor’s office. Your kid’s not feeling great and you would rather be just about anywhere else. You can pick up the year-old fashion magazine and read about what’s new in 2009 while junior sits by immersed in his portable gaming system, or you can take your own Nintendo DSi out of your purse and challenge yourself to a game of Picross 3D, a number-based grid puzzle that works your math skills and coordination.

By choosing option #2, your kid will think he has a cool mom; you’ll be amused and working your brain; and, you won’t confuse yourself with out-of-date fashion advice.  For another upside, ask your child to help with your puzzles and you’ll be spending quality time with him that’s fun!

Get to know Professor Layton

If you’re going to be a game mom, you’ll quickly learn that Professor Layton on Nintendo DS or DSi is a character that you’ll love. The Professor Layton series is a popular one and for good reason: they are addictive, challenging and fun problem solving game that will keep you entertained while working your memory and concentration.  The beauty of the Professor Layton series is that you can pick up right where you left off regardless of how long it’s been since your last round. 

Don’t look at it as a bailout

While a portable gaming system might help pass the time at the doctor’s office, don’t think of it as something you use only when you have down time.

These systems can be an essential part of your life, and the more frequently you get in the game — at home, at the doctor’s office, at a coffee shop or at the mall — the more you’ll realize just how much these games are made for you.


If you’re unsure about which titles to buy or play, you might want to check out to familiarize yourself with popular titles and portable gaming systems. 

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