Baby Shower Gifts Fit for a Prince

... or princess!

I know that everyone has been going crazy over the Royal Wedding, but I’m still obsessed with the cutest little Royal Family member, baby Louis. I have a few princes of my own and shortly after the birth of Prince Louis, the youngest of my three Princes turned 9-years-old. Although we have always considered him more of a “Pint-sized Dictator” than a Prince, I’m always on the lookout for awesome things for my own kiddos and the other babies who are in my life.

I couldn’t help gushing over the new little Royal man in the castle and while doing so, I found a few super sweet products fit for any of your little Princes and Princesses!

Aristocratic Adornment

Looking for a cute towel, pajama set or onesie? Look no further! 

The Gift of Reading

There are very few babies in my life who have not received a book as part of their “Welcome to the World” gift from me. I have traditionally bought the classic Paper Bag Princess by Robert Munsch for the baby girls in my life, but let’s not forget about another great one: The Little Prince.

Princes Lose Stuff, Too!

Just because your little one’s name isn’t Louis Arthur Charles doesn’t mean it’s not deserving of the same glorification! Adorn all your kid’s gear with their own moniker in Mabel’s Labels new Glitter Labels with the Union Jack icon. The design is fitting for any tiny Prince or Princess and the durable, waterproof labels will ensure that everything comes home with them at the end of each day.

For Lugging Around Your Prince’s Stuff

This is not your average diaper bag. With a laminated diaper mat, bottle holder, countless compartments and an on-trend striped lining, this luxurious Storksak travel shoulder bag does all the work (and more) of your traditional diaper bag but within the concealment of a luxurious leather-trimmed tote. No one will know you’re really schlepping around dirty diapers and nipple pads!  

A Dignified Blankie For Your Babe

I’m really digging these personalized blankets by Thimble Theory. This company, started by a Canadian mom specializing in handcrafting personalized and cherished keepsakes for the whole family. Definitely check out her adorable collection of blankets, pillows, headbands and more.

So while everyone is going crazy over Meghan fashion, this baby crazy mama’s loyalties are with the fifth in line for the crown.



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