Life With a Newborn: Changes We Have Seen In Just a Month

From smiling to recognizing voices to grasping objects

newborn baby in the house

The first month with baby Niko has flown by and it never ceases to amaze me how quickly newborns change and grow!

With a new baby in the house, sometimes it’s hard to concentrate on anything beyond sleeping and feeding times, but surprisingly, even at two months, babies hit important milestones in areas such as motor development, language, and social skills.  

Since February, Niko has grown stronger. When I place him on his stomach, he can lift his head up and waves his arms and legs around, so naturally the floor has become our new favourite hangout spot. He’s also started taking interest in the things around him. He loves the mobile above his crib and grasps at any dangling object within his reach.    

Niko is also becoming more and more engaged with us. He’s starting to recognize our voices, and when his big sister or dad come into the room you can see him looking for them. Not only does he seem to understand what’s going on around him, he’s also starting to let us know what he needs. Depending on whether he’s hungry, tired, or needs a diaper change, he has several different sounds when he cries. I’m still trying to decode them, but every day it’s becoming clearer!  

Cooing and gurgling noises are a welcome sound around the house and a nice break from crying, but my favourite new development over the last two months is Niko’s smile. The first time your baby smiles at you is an unforgettable moment. I’m always trying to find what makes him happy just to see that magical smile come out again from something I say or do.

These are the big and small differences we’ve seen in the past month, what big changes have you noticed in the first few months with your newborn?

Cindy Zizek is not only a mom, but she is also a Registered Nurse and spokesperson for Since 2007 Cindy has provided teaching to new parents about infant nutrition, early parenting, child development and identified the appropriate community supports and services for new families. With years of experience, Cindy can give insight to breastfeeding and neonatal care.