Take the Perfect Family Photo

Easy Tips for Capturing Stunning Pics

We’ve all been there. You try and capture the perfect photo of your whole family but the kids aren’t cooperating or someone is missing because they have to take the picture.

This Mother’s Day, give yourself the gift of great family photos by taking a different approach to picture-taking and using these easy tips:

Find beauty in the everyday

Capture life as it unfolds, not as you pose it. For me and my family, the best memories and favourite photos are the ones from our daily routine; be it a family dinner, play time or cozying up with a book at bedtime. These photos, complete with messy hair and unmatched outfits, can be far more meaningful than posed portraits.

Sink to their level

Taking photos of small children from above distorts them. Kneel down to their height, or try photographing them from below to create the illusion that they are bigger.

Play candid camera
With the Zoom feature on a digital camera, the action doesn’t have to stop for a good photo.  Close-up pictures can be taken from the sidelines of a soccer or hockey game while the fun continues, creating pictures that look natural and convey the true expressions of your children.

Be part of the action
It’s great to get shots of my family in action, but a lot of the time I’d also like to be in the photo with them. For those moments, it’s handy to have a digital camera that features a screen on the front and a self-portrait mode that takes the guesswork out of taking photos of yourself. Samsung calls this feature 2View, and offers it on several of its cameras including the new ST700.

2View technology allows you to be part of the shot, and also detects when people in the photo are smiling or when they’re eyes are closed so that it takes the picture at just the right moment. It also boasts incredible resolution and the ability to shoot short HD videos.

Plus, if you aren’t looking your best, the Beauty Shot feature is like having a makeup artist right in your camera; it automatically removes dark circles, facial blemishes and imperfections to create great portraits.

Now, get clicking!

This article is proudly sponsored by our friends at Samsung. Whether you're a serious shooter or a snapshot artist, Samsung compact digital cameras keep you picture perfect with features like Smart Auto Capture, HD video recording and ultra-slim styling.


Brandon Osmond has been in the Consumer Electronics and camera business for over 11 years. For the last four years he has been at Samsung Canada, where he is the Product Marketing Manager responsible for Digital Camcorder, Digital Camera and Digital Interchangeable Lens Cameras, and the Account Manager for Photo Specialty Dealers. Brandon is the proud father of two young boys who he loves taking photos of.