Michael Bublé’s Son Diagnosed with Cancer

Little Noah is only 3 years old.

Little Noah is only 3 years old.

This morning, Michael Bublé announced via Facebook that his 3 year-old son, Noah, has been diagnosed with cancer.

According to Perez Hilton, the family had taken their son to the doctor for what they thought may be a case of the mumps. But unfortunately the doctor instead diagnosed something every parent fears to hear.

It's hard to say what's right and not right to think or say in challenging times like this. What do we say when an illness strikes a child? We often think of cancer as something of an "older person's disease," but the sad truth is that none of us are immune to tragedy or challenging times in our life, and our children are not immune either. 

Michael Bublé asks that people respect the family's privacy at this time, but welcomes thoughts and prayers.

We can do this.

We can hold out hope that the family finds peace, strength, and successful treatment for little Noah. 

We can offer our support to others closer to our lives and hearts who find themselves in similar situations.

We can make sure we support the organizations doing research to end this disease that will affect so many of the people we know and care for - and perhaps ourselves, as well.

We can remind those who are suffering that they are not truly alone, even if we are not sure what else we can say to provide comfort.

And we can hug our loved ones close tonight and say the words that perhaps we don't speak often enough.


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