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  Natalie R. from Brampton, ON recommended The Silent Wife by A. S. A. Harrison

Here’s what Natalie had to say: This was a book that I did not want to put down! It is broken up into His and Hers chapters and follows the breakdown of a relationship between the two main characters, Jodi and Todd. The reader is aware, from the beginning that they are on a path that ends in the death of Todd. Experiencing the winding road that culminates in his death is emotional and shocking. The continuous guessing of what is to come on the next page makes this a wonderful read.


  Anne D. from Edmonton, AB recommended And The Mountains Echoed by Kaled Hosseini

Here’s what Anne had to say: A fascinating read about a multi-generational family and the causes and effects their actions have on each other from Kabul to Paris to San Francisco.




  Jocelyn H. from Toronto, ON recommended Carnival by Rawi Hage

This is what Jocelyn had to say: Carnival is a wild and strange tale of a taxi driver in an unnamed city, a carnivalesque Montreal. It's a wild and dreamlike space in which Fly takes us through his nights of picking up strange characters in his taxi. He was born and raised in the circus, which comes in handy in his nightly journeys through the city.  Rawi Hage's writing is somewhat dark and daring, while also beautifully-written and poetic.


  Isabella P. from Bolton, ON recommended Above All Things by Tanis Rideout

This is what Isabella had to say: The  story about the dramatizing experience that the climber endures attempting to climb Mount Everest not once but three times. I found this book to be exciting and invigorating.




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