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This Mom Loves the Sitting-Up Phase

Hallelujah, He Can Sit

I’ve been waiting for this. The baby can now sit up on his own.

The first few months with a new baby feel like a game of musical baby chairs. When I needed to put Ethan down I’d move him from the swing to the bouncy chair to the floor. Then I’d roll him over for some tummy time and then roll him back when he got sick of it. I’d put him down and wait for the metaphorical music to stop and he’d start to fuss, signaling that he needed a new spot.

Being a baby must be boring a lot of the time, and until mine could sit up I always felt like I was doing an inadequate job of entertaining them.

Now that he can sit, he has a whole baby-sized world of options. I can scatter toys around him and he can play quite happily for a long time (or at least until he has tossed them all out of reach). He can see more and regularly offers up those huge grins as he shakes his plastic keychain. And his ability to sit and play with things means his big brother gets down on the floor more often and plays with him. (Or steals his toys. Whatever.)

I, in turn, am less worried about him being mostly on his back and making his little flat spot worse. I just have to be on alert in case he takes a tumble and ends up face-down on the floor (rare, and he doesn’t seem to mind). He’s not crawling, so I can put him down in one spot and trust that he won’t end up somewhere else. Even the dog seems to like it.

Sigh. I just love the sitting-up phase. Don’t you?