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Secret Smoker Celeb Moms

A-Listers Caught Ash-Handed

It's hard to quit smoking—no doubt about it—but it's an especially dirty habit for moms to break. There's no shame in the struggle to give it up for your kids' sake. 

Still, for A-listers, it's next to impossible to have that secret drag without some paparazzi lens catching you in the act. And there's no greater thrill than spotting a healthier-than-thou celeb mom with a ciggie in hand (ahem, that means you Gwynie).

Consider yourself outted, Katie Holmes, whose likelihood of being spotted cigarette-in-hand was likened by Babble to, "nearly as rare as spotting Courtney Love without one."

What's even more surprising, is that many of the celeb moms in the list actually smoke in front of their kids, which you wouldn't think is necessary, what with the hired help providing ample opportunities for a cheeky puff.  

Julia Roberts. Charlize Theron. Sandra Bullock. Kate Winslet. Kate Beckinsale. Kate Hudson. Michelle Williams. Uma Thurman. January Jones. Lily Allen. Jennifer Lopez. Sarah Jessica Parker. Alyssa Milano. Salma Hayek. Pink. Catherine Zeta-Jones. Katherine Heigl. Nicole Richie. Jessica Alba. Angelina Jolie. Victoria Beckham. Gisele Bundchen. 

Any surprises there or, like me, are you just surprised at quite how many moms in the hottest spotlight still smoke? Do they do it to stay thin? It doesn't quite gel with the macrobiotic-ashtanga-yoga regimes of many A-listers. Hypocrisy aside, smoking certainly isn't yummy. Let's hope being caught ash-handed will prompt some of them to nix the cancer sticks.