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Doggie Doo Predicted to be Top-Selling Toy

Potty Humour For Kids

This Christmas, toys are all about realism. We've had the breastfeeding doll. Now there's the defecating dog. Seriously. A dachshund that not only makes fart noises, it 'poops' plasticine feces, too.

According to the Guardian, British retailers predict that Doggie Doo -- the game that involves wielding a pooper scooper to see who can catch the most droppings from under the wiener dog’s butt -- will be a top seller this Christmas.

In fact, Doggie Doo, along with Fireman Sam, Elmo and a Nerf gun, is listed as one of 12 “dream toys” by the Toy Retailers Association.

Doggie Doo comes with a leash, four pooper scoopers, a container of “dog food” and a dice for players (determines the number of times to pump, stimulating the dachshund’s bowels).

Doggie Doo, or Kackel Dackel as it's known, is already a hit in Germany, but then again so is Pop the Pig -- a game whereby kids 'force-feed' a hog with cheeseburgers until its stomach bursts.

Would you consider buying this toy your preschooler? Recommended for ages 4 and up, it retails at around $25 to $30 at Wal-Mart and Toys “R” Us or online at (I wish I was kidding!)

It's no secret that boys love potty humour. Just don't be surprised if you catch your husband and his friends playing it, too.

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