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Get Sweaty: #Thisgirlcan Ads Take Glamour Out of Exercise

I jiggle; therefore I am

Can you imagine a world in which women are depicted actually working out—complete with the sweat, cuss words, and gumshields—just like their male counterparts? If so, then your vision has come true. A new campaign from Sport England called #thisgirlcan is showing exercise for what it is - no bells and whistles. No glamour or Photoshop required.

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The TV ads and billboards feature no models, no makeup, or cute yoga coordinates. Just real women breaking a real sweat. Actual women involved in team and individual sports. Imagine that!

Moreover, the ads come with catchy, pun-tastic slogans about physical exertion like: "Damn right I look hot" and with Missy Elliott playing in the background, what's not to like?

Personally I can only rejoice at a message that puts fitness for fitness sake above weight loss and beauty.

It's not only relatable, it's about time.

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Of course, some women may be turned off by all that grungy realism, preferring the sleek and flawless images of Taylor Swift et al taking a quaint trip to the gym. I sweat buckets and I jiggle plenty, so clearly I'm not one of those women...  

You tell me: Do these ads make you want to go burn off some steam, or do you prefer a more sanitized version of exercise?