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Girl Goes From 0-14 In Amazing 4-Minute Timelapse

A Whole lotta lotte

video of child's life

Doting Dutch daddy Frans Hofmeester didn't need to bother with photographs of his daughter. In one of the most amazing timelapses we've seen, Hofmeester filmed Lotte each week from birth to just before her 14th birthday last October.

The results, courtesy of the Mirror, are a stunning depiction of child development. In just four minutes, Lotte transforms from a chubby cheeked baby to a cute toddler, blossoming from a preschooler into a tween. Fast forward different hair styles, missing/new teeth, and orthodontics.

The video is a nostalgic reminder of how fast they grow, and how you just want to hold onto each stage a little bit longer. And of course, wishing you'd had the tenacity and creativity to capture your own kids as poignantly as Hofmeester has. 

This dad shot a similar video, using photos of his son, until he turned 21. Now that's commitment! 

Any YMCers out there created timelapse videos of your children?