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Did Beyonce Deign To Photoshop Her Thighs?

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beyonce thigh gap

It must suck to be a starlet in the age of Tumblr and Instagram. Then again, no one forces the likes of Beyonce to post pictures of themselves frolicking on a luxurious golf course... Cue rumours that the singer and all-around diva had her thighs Photoshopped.  

According to an article in the Huffington Post, the photos have prompted lots of media gossip because of the unnatural way Beyonce's thigh looks altered in one of the published images. 
Of course no one should care. Then again, when some women—young and old—are watching and starving to achieve the coveted thigh gap, such digital deception is kind of insidious.

Beyonce works hard for her bodacious body. Let no mortal tamper with that, I say! Ditto to those Kardashians.
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