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Madonna Flashes Nip

Been There, Seen That

So Madonna was at it again. Unlike a virgin touched for the very first time, when the pop star flashed a bit of nipple at a recent concert in Istanbul, it was a big case of been there, seen that. 

No doubt 53-year-old Madge is defying nature by looking fitter than most 20 year olds. Nonetheless, when it is time to retire the sex card and start trading some other currency?

Unlike Janet Jackson's legendary nipple slip during the Super Bowl way back when, the incident with Madonna was far from a wardrobe malfunction. It was calculated and frankly, a little sad. 

While belting out her hit 1995 song "Human Nature," Madonna began stripping. First, she removed her white shirt, then simply yanked down her bra so the audience could get a good long gawp at her right nipple. This, when she managed to keep it all in during her own Super Bowl halftime show in February.

The former queen of controversy is clearly clutching at straws and beating a dead dog (and whatever other cliches you can throw at it) to stir up some drama on her MDNA tour. The singer/actress/director and mother of four even painted a swastika on the forehead of French National Front leader Marine Le Pen during a show in Israel.

Even though the image appeared in a montage featuring the likes of Sarah Palin and Chinese president Hu Jintao, Le Pen was furious and even considered suing. 

"We are not a Nazi party, and object to being depicted as such," a party source reportedly told the Daily Mail.

Madge, we love you but isn't it high time to put childish things away? You're an icon. Your fans will still be there. You don't need swastikas and a cheap flash of boob to fill a stadium. If you really want to shock us, why not act your age with grace and style... Just sayin'.