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Meet The Baby Born With Teeth


baby teeth

A newborn baby astounded her parents and hospital staff after being born with teeth. According to an article in the UK's Daily Mail, little Eva Faith was born with two fully formed front teeth, causing her 26-year-old mom to reconsider her decision to breastfeed.

"She had her mouth closed to begin with, so we didn’t notice," said mom of three, Vicki. "It was quite bizarre to see them. I had been planning to breastfeed, but when I saw Eva’s teeth I was put off. I don’t think anybody could blame me!"

Natal teeth are an incredibly rare phenomenon, thought to affect one in every 2,000 to 3,000 babies. Teeth usually appear in the lower gums and aren't deeply rooted. They are wobbly and are often surgically removed to reduce the risk of choking.

In Eva's case, the teeth were stable enough to remain in situ, though the advanced teether is still too young to take any children's pain medication for some time. Her parents are concerned about her suffering.

The teeth can be sharp, causing pain during breastfeeding and may even injure the baby's tongue. Early teeth aren't indicative of any other health issues. Are you in the depths of teething hell like this blogger? Here are some survival tips.

Would you attempt to breastfeed a baby with teeth?