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How Young Brothers Stood Up For Bullied Sisters

Redefining and Redressing

As a parent you know that sometimes it takes our kids to teach us adults a thing or two about love and tolerance. Two young brothers from Illinois are doing just that—to speak out against their bullied sisters with Down Syndrome. 

According to an article in Huffington Post, the Hollis family woke up one morning to find their house and car vandalized, spray-painted with "retard" and "get outta here." (It's 2013, people, what's your excuse!?)

But instead of skipping town, Anne Hollis and her kids decided to fight the bullies head-on with a campaign via YouTube's channel, Everyone Matters.

Watch the video and prepare to be charmed by the Hollis girls, Meg and Alina, and their brave family. Share away and do your part to put an end to ignorance and intolerance—NOW.