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Some Surprising Sperm Killers

Tips to Support the Little Swimmers

We're having fewer babies these days. If birth rates are plummeting here as in the U.S., then it's because we're either having less sex, more abortions, or simply becoming more efficient at inhibiting the progress of those 'little swimmers.' Whatever the reason, if you're struggling to conceive, there are ways to boost sperm count. 

An article in the Huffington Post has compiled the following list of surprising 'sperm zappers':

Bisphenol A: BPA isn't just bad for baby; it's bad for honey, too. In receipts and canned food packaging, the chemical can seep into food.

Phthalates: some shampoos, soaps, even sex toys contain the chemicals that compromise sperm count and quality. Where possible, go natural and green. 

Alcohol and Smoking: booze, both nicotine and marijuana significantly lower sperm counts and mess with sperm's ability to swim.

Stress: by inhibiting testosterone, stress cuts sperm count dramatically.

Soy: Apparently the isoflavones in soy products mimic estrogen.

Polychlorinated biphenyls: PCBs accumulate in contaminated fish. Opt for smaller, younger fish.

Perfluoroalkyl acids: the chemicals found on nonstick products such as Teflon, Gore-Tex and wax paper can lower sperm counts.

Abstinence: waiting too long before clearing the pipes is apparently counterproductive. Waiting more than a couple days to ejaculate causes "lose motility and change shape.

Any surprises here?