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Where Is Santa?

NORAD and OnStar can tell you

Santa's journey through NORAD and OnStar

It's the happiest time of the year! Beginning 5am Christmas Eve through 5am Christmas morning, you and your little ones can track Santa's journey with the help of NORAD (North American Aerospace Defence Command). You can call 877-HI-NORAD (877-446-6723) or visit NORAD Santa Tracker to see where the jolly man and his entourage are.

If you have a GM product with an active OnStar subscription, simply push the blue OnStar button and request a 'Santa Update.' The OnStar advisor will provide information based on NORAD's report. We're road-testing the 2014 Chevrolet Cruze Diesel over the holidays — you can bet that my kids will be asking to call OnStar. This is very important information at their age, you know.

My previous experience with OnStar was in the Chevrolet Malibu when I road-tested it in remote Nova Scotia. There was absolutely no cell reception, no wifi — nothing. I used OnStar to call home... it was so good to be connected and I didn't appreciate the OnStar system until then. Being in the city all the time, I just never thought about not being able to call home by my own means. And now it can track Santa? That just brings OnStar to a fun and magical level. 

The Santa Tracker tradition started in 1955, when a little girl called a number listed on a local store advertisement. That number was misprinted and she ended up calling NORAD's predecessor CONAD (Continental Air Defence Command). Colonel Harry Shoup had his operators find Santa's location and relayed the information to many kids who called that night. Since then, every year NORAD faithfully keeps kids up-to-date with Santa's progress. What gets me is how awesome it was that the colonel didn't just say “wrong number” and hang up the phone, but that he gave the night that magical touch. I can just imagine how joyful those kids were!

Today, NORAD uses infrared satellite systems, high-powered radars, SantaCams and jet fighters to locate Santa. NORAD is a joint US-Canada organization that is charged with the tasks of aerospace warning and control, as well as maritime warning. Visit NORAD Santa Tracker for the official countdown clock and to find out more about the program, Santa's village, his 'secret files,' and NORAD.

Isn't it amazing that 9 reindeer can outdo any amount of horsepower we can imagine? Talk about efficiency and achievement! Here's to you and yours — have a blessed Christmas and a wonderful New Year! Thank you for reading my blog throughout 2013.

In gratitude, Emily.