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Do you grapple with the Santa question? This letter may help.
Santa's journey through NORAD and OnStar
Follow Santa with NORAD and OnStar this Christmas Eve.
The older he gets, the more important it is for us to be able to trust one another and to be open with each other.
Here's a question for you, dear readers. Kids really do say the funniest (truthful) things. What have you heard to make you laugh (and think)? C'mon, spill it!
So much for being jolly. The Santa at the Lowe's Christmas market.decided to insult a child's clothing Tell us, have you ever encounter a sour Santa?
Are little white lies—like the one about the man in the red jumpsuit—a harmful or healthy part of growing up?
Santa in schools
How should a teacher respond when asked if Santa is real while balancing the needs of a diverse classroom and not contradicting what families have told them?