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What Is A Fakecation And How Do I Get One?

How one artist tricked her friends and family into thinking she went abroad using Photoshop!

You know how sometimes you just want to get away from it all? Maybe you close your curtains and turn off your phone for a few hours to decompress, or maybe, like this 25-year-old artist from Amsterdam, you convince your friends and family you've gone on vacation for two months when really you're just hiding out at home. 

If you're any good at Photoshop this could be a viable option, since Zilla van den Born managed to "punk" her friends and family for several weeks. By simply taking photos at home and manipulating them in photoshop with travel photos, she was able to convince her loved ones that she was vacationing in Asia when she was, in fact, back home at her apartment the whole time! When she did leave the house, she did so in disguise so nobody would recognize her. Once she "returned," she revealed her secret and filmed the reactions from her friends and family. 

While I may be a graphic artist, I had never thought about photo-manipulating myself into different places to make it seem like I was cooler than I am. Come to think of it... maybe I should start! 

On a completely separate and unrelated topic, have I showed you my recent vacation photos? 

Here's me on my last trip to New York City. It's so beautiful there.

Oh! And here's where I went Deep Sea Diving with a friend in Australia.

I stopped by a market while I was in Japan. This is definitely not any sort of reproduction or photo manipulation. 

This is me and Ryan Gos. WAIT! How did that get in there? Oops!

You can see who has the real photoshop skills around here, so don't worry about Zilla, she can always fall back on her modeling career! ;) 

Watch this video to see how much Photoshop has skewed the reality of what a woman really looks like.