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Should Kids Sell Cookies For Fundraisers?

And are we morally obligated to buy them...

Cookies, wrapping paper, magazine subscriptions, holiday cards, t-shirts, spaghetti lunch...the fundraiser forms come home with kids almost weekly these days.   Are kid-selling fundraisers good team building or is it parents paying the price?.  Discuss...

So let's start with the big meanies of the readership...who doesn't buy whatever fundraising somethin' somethin' kids are selling these days?  Me.  That's me raising my hand.  Well, I buy some things...just not everything (and of course I feel  morally awful for not buying the things I don't buy).

I buy girl guide cookies.  Because, well...I like them (especially the mint-y ones).  But I want a sales pitch (i.e. an actual "will you buy my girl guide cookies" from a child...not my co-worker pimping them at the office.  There should be a law against parents selling their kids fundraising stuff at the office.  It's not a parental job sell for kids' activities...and by doing so we are showing our kids that we just take-over and rescue.)

And the almond chocolate bars some schools sell?  Aren't we supposed to be nut-free people!

I also, have a very big opinion about the vocabulary dictation and jump rope fundraisers.  Kids should not be made to "study & stress" for a fundraiser nor should they get a "prize" for getting more money than their friends. 

The other day I saw a group of teens in front of our grocery store with a table set up asking for donations to their swim club.  No, they weren't doing a swim-a-thon.  Or giving a bathing cap in thanks for a donation.  Or having a draw for a swim membership.  Nada.  It was a straight-up-money-grab. (not cool)

I get that fundraising brings needed funds to kids' activities.  I get that fundraising is essential for these activities survive.  But kid fundraising should be...better.

Kids need to be involved in their own activity fundraising.  Not just selling a product but engaging in an activity...clean the school yard, walk the walk, design the t-shirts.  They need to own it (or have some sort of ownership).

Not to be a complete fundraising ogre - I did buy 5 boxes of cookies from a little girl this week. 

She asked me.